Friday, April 27, 2007

Circle of the Wise

Surround yourself with wisdom because some is bound to rub off. So in your RSS reader, subscribe to your circle of the wise. This nugget came from Vicki Davis, and I found myself passing along this sage advice to another who asked whom should be read.
She repeats this advice in her recent column Will we still need F2F in a P2P world?
She also advises us to engage all of our senses. Many people call this living in the moment. We engage with present reality when all our intelligences are accessed simultaneously. Everything coming at us from all directions - the whole 4D. Yes, Victoria, there is a...oops wrong movie. But there is more than wrote learning, there is more than 2D. It's 4D, four dimensions, not just three. Think of the mathematical parallels - there are four quadrants, not three.
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