Wednesday, February 7, 2007

A Question for the Readers (assuming there are any)

I was wondering.....I'm keeping both a webpage at

AND blogs at blogmeister for classes.
What is the value of doing both?
Next year, should I just post a yearlong message on the webpage saying hw is on the blog and the address?
I have already paid for this school year, so changing would not happen until next year anyway.
I use the webpage for library and clubs too, so I might want to keep it for that, but then again....why should I continue to pay for a site when there are free platforms which I could use?
What is the wisdom of the community?

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Shields ATL said...

I would wonder if using a free public site might compromise your content or functionality. If it doesn't impact either of those two things then free may be the way to go for the school. Personally, I think paying for your own personal website is another matter. It may be wise to separate your own professional learning website from the classroom. It may give you a better forum to interact with peers.