Saturday, February 17, 2007


We have been created by our God for relationship. It follows that many minds produce superior content. Collaboration is therefore a coveted 21st century skill as is consensus. I learned these skills as part of my K-12 education. Now I question myself, and anyone foolish enough to listen, about the best way to foster these same objectives in my students. Usually the words just flow out, like a stream, probably a stream of gibberish, but a stream nonetheless. I find myself really pulling these words out, testing them, mulling over them.
Somehow, I need to emphasize in each student an intrinsic sense of integrity. I need to encourage in each learner a desire to do everything as unto the Lord. I need to ignite that flame in each and every child, not just a few. How can I ever be equal to this task? I just answered my own question. I cannot ever do this. But I know someone who can. I have access to incredible power that can level mountains, split seas, change the course of lives.

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