Thursday, December 7, 2006

Passionate Learning

What images are brought to mind when one hears the phrase “passionate learning”? I think of someone, anyone, in a state of flow. We talked about flow in seventh grade study skills….how immersed in something we become. We don’t even hear our mothers calling or our brothers fighting. Usually we experience flow while playing video/computer games. Some of us experience flow while playing music or reading good books. The great question for me is how do I facilitate the avenue into flow for my students at school. How do I get students to be passionate about learning?


Durff said...

It never ceases to amaze me exactly what kids already know about technology. Today I was explaining how to watch a YouTube video, and every student, not some, but every student replied, "Oh, I know what that is, I have watched them." This prior knowledge made my job easier and I hope will make all of them more likely to do the assignment.

Doug Dobbs said...

I usually get into "flow" either in a computer simulation (better than a game, for me) or when I'm working on a physical project, building something or working around the house. Time ceases and hours can go by with no notice by me. Not sure that's good, but it is.

If I could get my kids to think about history as that absorbing I'd feel like I'd REALLY done a good thing. :)